The first one: You guys love each other to death but you also fight passionately

The 2nd one: It’s stable but you don’t feel the flame

1. 2222 I want my relationships to be placid 

2. I was in #1’s situation, now I just want to be #2

3. I’ve been in both situations and the one that makes me linger even after break up is #1

4. Placid is the best… In the end, only these types of relationships last 

5. If you realize that you’re meant for each other while doing #1, you’ll end up becoming #2

6. 1111111111 I’m doing that right now, but although we fight a lot, we have a rule for it now, so I guess we’re moving towards #2 now 

7. 1111111, I tried #2 and it left me no impression, honestly I don’t even remember their name 

8. I want to give #1 a try again 

9. #1 with a handsome guy, #2 with a guy with a good personality 

10. 222 I hate fighting 


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