Idol: The Coup (2021) Review


“Idol: The Coup” was planned and produced with the intention of showing the world of an idol group realistically. The group Cotton Candy in the drama is the first girl group of the entertainment agency Star Peace, and although they debuted 6 years ago, they are in danger of disbanding as a ruined idol group whose name is not even popular to people. 

It is planned to show a side of the youth of this age who repeat failures and challenges with growth in which young people who worked hard for their dreams take courageous steps to pursue other dreams without any regrets.

Ahn Hee-Yeon plays ‘Jenna’, a leader with composing and producing skills, Solbin plays ‘Hyun Ji’, a local trouble maker in the team in charge of rap and main dance, Han So-Eun plays the visual center and eldest sister ‘Stella’, and main vocal ‘L’ played by Exy.

The poster contains a strong message for 1st place, and although they appear as a group in the play, the song will actually come out and decorate the stage.

In the past, there was a time when dramas such as ‘Adolescence’ and ‘School’ were marked as youth dramas. There are still some memorable episodes or scenes, and although this drama is not that kind of drama, it remains to be seen whether the youth drama will continue in the same context.

In this work, Han So-eun takes on the role of ‘Stella’, the eldest sister and visual center of the girl group ‘Cotton Candy’. Stella is a person with a good-natured personality and a beauty that anyone can look back on at least once, and will lead the group with her leader Jenna (Ahn Hee-yeon) to satisfy the five senses of viewers. Han So-eun is said to be working day and night to practice dancing and singing to transform into a girl group member.

Exy takes on the role of L, the main vocalist of the group Cotton Candy. She is a person who only sees her success because of her repeated failures, who have not been noticed even for her outstanding skills. Originally an aspiring vocalist, but turned into a rapper due to a vocal cord nodule.

Green takes on the role of Chae-ah, who inherited the blood of famous actors’ parents, but is not particularly talented as a member of a girl group. Solbin as Hyun Ji in charge of dancing and rapping at Cotton Candy.

Kwak Si-yang as Cha Jae-hyuk. As the new representative of Starpiece Entertainment, Cotton Candy entertainment company, he is like a calculator who puts reason before emotion. A born entrepreneur who has never experienced failure with great success in every investment with thorough preliminary analysis and thorough pursuit of profit. He is recognized for his outstanding performance in large American investment companies, and has proven ability to be promoted quickly. Although he was given cold nicknames such as ‘Human Calculator’ and ‘Fact Killer’ in the process, he proves his skills as a result regardless of this.

Kim Min-gyu as Seo Ji-han. Leader of the popular idol Mars among Star Peace singers. A person who not only stands out in the group, but also shows unrivaled talent and talent as if he was born to become an idol. However, even though it appears to be innate, all of this is the product of his hard work.

Now that it has been 6 years since his debut, Jihan is now feeling thirsty as a true artist beyond simply singing and dancing. The presence of Jenna (Ahn Hee-yeon), Cotton Candy leader with excellent composing and producing abilities, is approaching as a strong stimulus, raising expectations for Kim Min-gyu’s new appearance, which expresses the passion and inflammation of Ji-han’s character.


  • Drama: Idol: The Coup
  • Native Title: 아이돌: 더 쿠데타
  • Also Known As: Aidol: The Coup , 아이돌 : The Coup
  • Screenwriter: Jung Yoon Jung
  • Director: Noh Jong Chan
  • Genres: Music, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Nov 8, 2021 – Dec 14, 2021
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
  • Original Network: iQiyi, jTBC
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older