‘I had God as my co-pilot’: Pilot who successfully landed medical helicopter in Philadelphia talks about miracle

The helicopter pilot that successfully managed a crash landing last week in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, said God was his “co-pilot” and that he felt fortunate for it after being released Sunday from the hospital to which he was taken, according to Fox News.

Daniel Moore is the helicopter pilot that crashed Tuesday, Jan. 11, in front of Drexel Hill United Methodist Church, with four people on board, including a 2-month-old girl, a nurse, and a flight medic, all of whom made it out alive.

“I had God as my co-pilot that day, we took care of the crew and landed in their front yard, so it was kind of nice,” Daniel Moore told a crowd waiting outside the hospital to cheer him on, including family, friends, and hospital staff. 

Incredibly, no one was injured on the ground either, when the Eurocopter EC135 medical helicopter owned by Air Methods, headed from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, crashed on the grounds of a suburban church.

Moore said he didn’t remember “much of anything” about the accident that left him with several injuries, including eight broken ribs, four fractured vertebrae, and a fractured sternum for which he underwent surgery. “I remember waking up and seeing a whole company of firefighters looking at me; it’s a good feeling.” 

The lucky pilot also praised the nurse on board for pulling him out from under the helicopter and his onboard doctor for getting the baby to safety and putting out the flames that had ignited in the craft, emphasizing that they were the real heroes.

“I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad I got my crew back alive,” he said. “I always tell people that I just drive the bus; the heroes are in the back, working with the patient.”

“Obviously, this pilot had a great command of the helicopter and was able to land it safely with the good of the community in mind,” said Upper Darby Fire Chief Derrick Sawyer. “It was a miracle in that no lives were lost and no property was damaged,” according to Philadelphia CBS reported a day after the crash. 

Moore’s fiancée, who was by his side Sunday when he was released from the hospital, expressed a few words about the miraculous landing, amazed at his skills in performing the necessary maneuvers that saved the crew’s lives.

“What happened that day was a miracle,” said Gail Miller, adding, “When I talked to my children, I told them there were two pilots in that plane that day, Dan and God, and he dodged the church and the power lines. No one on the ground was hurt. There was divine intervention.”

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