How Inner Mongolia Secretary accumulates $472 million

According to Apollo News, numerous corrupt officials have fallen from power in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in recent years. The officials squeeze people’s money to a staggering extent, adding up to two hundred to three hundred million dollars per case. Yet, Inner Mongolia bureau-level official Li Jianping broke the reported record for corruption in China with $472 million.

The China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily published Li Jianping’s corruption on Feb. 27, 2021. Li Jianping’s crime is the most severe corruption case in Mongolia and China.

After expulsion from the Communist party, his case is open for court proceedings under the accusations of corruption, bribery, and embezzlement of public funds.

Serving as Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone from March 2011 to September 2018, Li Jianping initially used his position to help private businesses win government contracts. 

Li Jianping devoured his power to graft money from a couple of thousand to millions. Over time the amount gradually adds up to hundreds of millions. 

Furthermore, to conceal himself, he set up dozens of companies of various sizes and layers them with head offices as first, second, and third-level subsidiaries. 

Under his direct planning and instigation, these companies took on projects and did business with each other. Many state-owned funds frequently flowed in and out of the shell companies, which turned into investment funds and finally poured into Li’s pocket.

Li confessed to using the corrupt money to gamble, buy famous paintings and calligraphy collections, antique jade, gold jewelry, expensive watches, and many Chinese and renowned foreign wines.

Li Jianping’s Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone is under the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Government’s supervision and the Hohhot Municipal Party Committee and Government. 

Although Hohhot is only 300 miles and 2 hours away from Beijing, three billion Yuan of government funds has disappeared without a trace. 

Dr. Wang Youqun, a contributor to former CCP Politburo Standing Committee member, and Yu Jianxing, a CCDI Secretary, discussed four reasons for Li Jianping’s corruption and the CCP officials’ embezzlement in general.

First, Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption efforts miss the mastermind behind the culprit

Xi Jinping has investigated and punished a total of 542 senior officials at the deputy provincial and military levels and above and other cadres in central management during his nine years launching anti-corruption campaigns against the tigers, known as high-ranking officials. 

These officials were promoted and appointed by former CCP dictator Jiang Zemin and Jiang’s “military mentor” and former member of the Standing Committee of the CCP’s Politburo and Vice President Zeng Qinghong.

In other words, Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong are the chiefs backstage of the most corrupt elements at the highest levels of the CCP. 

However, Xi Jinping has not arrested Jiang Zemin or Zeng Qinghong.

Second, absolute power inevitably leads to total corruption

The CCP has “absolute leadership” in everything, creating conditions for party officials, especially the first in command, to engage in “absolute corruption” in their areas of responsibility.

Li Jianping is the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone and is the CCP’s agent for “absolute leadership.” 

Therefore, Li Jianping has become the zone’s boss, treating the zone as his “personal territory.” He has become so overbearing and arrogant, bringing the “national economic and technological development zone” in the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the verge of collapse.

Third, CCP officials share benefits in every crime but never take responsibility

China News Weekly, citing a source, reveals that Li Jianping’s circle is wide. For example, he often accompanied some provincial (ministerial) leaders at home to play mahjong in 2005. 

The source also adds that Li Jianping can accept a single bribe of hundreds of millions of dollars and take out hundreds of millions of dollars to bribe a senior official. 

That means there are higher-ranking or supervising officials involved in Li Jianping’s crime, or all higher-ranking officials of Li are partners in Li’s corruption crime. 

Li Jianping embezzled more than $472 million, and none of the supervising officials stepped forward to take responsibility. 

Fourth, the cancer of corruption in the CCP has spread throughout

Although the CCP has enacted many anti-corruption laws and regulations, including Party rules and regulations, administrative regulations, and criminal laws, they cannot control the root of corruption in the system.

In recent years, most corruption cases end with life imprisonment and even death sentences. However, these punitive measures appear to have limited to zero effectiveness.

Li Jianping’s subordinate—Bai Haiquan, deputy secretary of the Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone Party Working Committee, was investigated in 2014 and indicted in December 2016 for corruption of $26.75 million. However, Bai Haiquan’s indictment had no impact on Li Jianping’s corruption.


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