Highway ‘lost’ dog leads police to rescue couple injured inside a car wreck

By leading people to the traffic accident site, a 1-year-old shepherd dog called Tinsley saved her owner and another person’s lives in Lebanon, Vermont, prompting Tinsley’s owner to say the rescue was a “miracle.”

The New Hampshire State Police (NHSP) noticed what seemed to be a stray dog when patrolling the Interstate 89 Veterans Memorial Bridge at the Vermont/New Hampshire border about 10 p.m. on Monday.

The dog was found by an NHSP trooper and Lebanon police officers when they arrived. However, when they tried to approach her, she fled northbound on the freeway.

Lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre of the New Hampshire State Police told the outlet that the dog was attempting to communicate as she continued trying to flee but did not wholly flee. “Follow me,” was the general vibe. “Come with me.”

After a long pursuit that ended in Vermont, officials discovered a shattered part of the guardrail where the road crossed over Interstate 91. The authorities found a heavily damaged pickup truck that had rolled down the slope after driving off the road.

The trooper and the police called for help. The rescue team rushed to drag two people out of the vehicle wreck; both were in critical condition and suffering from hypothermia.

Police found out that the dog belonged to Cam Laundry, 31, the truck owner.

Laundry and the other occupant were seriously injured and suffering from hypothermia. Laundry explained the dog is his little guardian angel, and it was a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did.

People on Twitter are awed by the “hero” dog, and they’re sharing their thoughts about Tinsely.

One person related: “I am literally crying this is so amazing. I rescued a freezing cold wet dog on my drive home tonight. Luckily his collar had his parents name and cell on it so I called and waited for his dad to come get him. His dad was very happy.”

Another tweeted: “This dog is definitely a hero! Absolutely, without a doubt! But if the officers had not cared about a dog on the road, not been attentive—this could have ended poorly. Props to the officers as well! Good jobs all around!”

Somebody else wrote: “Dogs and the lengths they’ll go for their people (and even strangers) never cease to amaze me.”