Heartbreaking final goodbye when husband and wife both on life support

There is one quote from The Notebook drama film saying, “No matter what happens to us, every day with you is the best day of my life.”

Perhaps this quote is especially true for the couple from Ontario, Canada.

Jim Minnini and Cindy Ireland had been together for 23 years and were inseparable, but Jim had to say his final goodbye to his beloved wife this time.

Jim had been fighting lung cancer for the past eight years when he ended up on life support in Kingston General Hospital’s intensive care unit. The very next day, Cindy was also brought to the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

On the verge of dying, his only wish was to hold his wife’s hand one last time.

“We told him that mom was now here,” Chris Mininni, their son, told People. “He started freaking out. But when we told him he wasn’t going to make it, he got out a pen and paper and tried to write because he wasn’t able to speak.”

Man walking on hallway on October 11, 2019 (Source: Unsplash)

In the last couple of hours of his life, Jim simply wrote the word “Mom” on the paper to indicate that he wanted to meet their mother.

As a result, the hospital did something it had never done before, they put two patients in the same room.

While his wife was sedated, Jim was finally able to grasp her hand.

Chris then decided to take a picture of the two of them because there was no such chance for them to be together anymore.

My dad’s final goodbye to my mom; both on life support for different reasons, wheeled in to see eachother on May 19 2016 (Source: imgur)

Speaking to the Metro, Chris said: “I know that if my dad wanted to be remembered at all, it would’ve been for loving my mum.”

He added: “My mum was sedated in that picture, which is why we had to wait to do the service for my dad until yesterday because she never got to properly say goodbye.

“The first question she asked when she woke up was ‘where’s dad?’—she knew instantly.”

According to Chris, it was the first time two patients on life support were placed side by side in the same room together.

“I want people to see how much love they had for each other,” he told People. “My parents got to be together until the end. We should all be so lucky.”