Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident (2021) Review


Im Na-young, who plays the role of “Yoon Yi-Seo”, a gorgeous influencer in the web drama “Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident” (directed by Hong Chung-ki, written by Lee Hae-Ri), is a hot topic.

In the poster, Im Na-young is wearing an all-pink, and she is showing off her fresh and lively figure.

“Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident” is produced and supported by EPENS, which operates the live commerce platform ‘Sherry Shop’, and is a real live commerce office web drama depicting the chaotic episodes that occur in a live commerce company against the background of the live commerce market that suddenly emerged in the era of Corona 19.

In the play, Im Na-young takes on the role of a lively influencer with her main character, an influencer Yoon Yi-Seo in her 20s. In the cyber world, Yi Seo is an online star with 100,000 followers, called “Yunbli”, but in reality, she is searching for her life struggles to join the live commerce platform ‘Sherry Shop’ for a new challenge and worrying about rent. She is a lovely character who is torn between her first love ‘Cha Seon-woo’ (SF9 Baek Juho) and her longtime boyfriend ‘Kwon Hyuk’ (Jung Min-Gyu). She struggles to catch both work and love.

In the play, Jung Min-Gyu takes on the role of ‘Kwon Hyuk’, the long-time boyfriend of ‘Yoon Yi-Seo (Im Na-young)’. He is the team leader of ‘Sherry Shop’ Planning Team 2, and has been ranked first in company sales for 5 months in a row. A person who has been in unrequited love for his girlfriend ‘Yi Seo’ for a long time, sometimes comfortable like a friend, and sometimes a manly thrill. He turns into a perfect man with both charms.

In the poster, Zuho is wearing an all-black suit, boasting a sexy and cold masculine beauty that has not been shown before, and is receiving high expectations from fans.
Zuho takes on the role of Cha Seon-woo, the first planning team leader of ‘Sherry Shop’. Everything is the first love of the perfect female lead ‘Yi Seo’ (Lim Na-young). Cha Seon-woo is a collection of ideal types that women dream of, who stands out no matter what they do 10 years ago and still today, and is a person who is loved by ‘Yi Seo’ and ‘Yura’ (Lee Hyun-Joo).

In addition, ‘Han Yura’ is a star who works as a show host and influencer, who is called a sold-out woman in the home shopping world because of her natural appearance. In particular, she is a person who has had a crush on the male lead ‘Cha Seon-woo’ for a long time, and she has a rivalry with ‘Yoon Yi-Seo’.

As it is a story about the love and challenges of fresh and lively youth, the harmoniousness and spirit of the actors stood out particularly. In this way, the script reading site of “Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident”, which gave a glimpse into the world of live broadcasting, continued in a friendly atmosphere, and the scene was full of enthusiasm with the passionate performances of the actors.


  • Drama: Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident
  • Native Title: 두근두근 방송사고
  • Also Known As: Exciting Broadcasting Accident, Thump-throbbing Broadcasting Accident, Pit-a-Pat Broadcast Accident, Dugeundugeun Bangsongsago
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 10
  • Airs: Oct 27, 2021 – ?
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: Naver TV Cast

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