Happiness Is Like Juice (2021) Review


The movie is produced by Jiang Han, directed by Zhou Chong, and stars Yu Qian, Jia Bing, Yin Xiaotian, Jiang Mengjie, Liang Danni, Zhang Shaorong, Wang Qing, Luan Yunping, and Juice, the dog, in a comedy film called “Happiness Is Like Juice”.

A number of comedy greats, veteran actors, and cute pet, Juice, composed of the strongest “oddball heavenly group” first exposure, the poster in a variety of posture comedy burst. In particular, the queen of comedy Yu Qian, gold medal comedian Jia Bing, magical dance king Yin Xiaotian, temperament beauty Jiang Mengjie, the first time the partnership full of laughs, plus the first time in the movie Luan Yunping total with a comedy aura, the expectations soared, so many iron fans surprised. In the trailer, Yu Qian and the new “wine friends” Juice child to exchange glasses, self-exposed “odd creatures” attributes, hilarious; Jia Bing is online bullying dislike, showing its northeast laugher style; a number of audience favorite strength of the actors to join, the interpretation of full of laughter and warmth. A number of viewers’ favorite strengths of the cast, the interpretation of the city full of laughter and warmth of life; spiritual and lovely Juice will be with these “cute animal” how the collision of sparks who so funny, very worth looking forward to.

The movie “Happiness Is Like Juice” brings together a number of comedy greats, and the film is full of laughs, as evidenced by the trailer. Yu Qian teacher this time as the “oddball boss” strong brother, outside the suits and aura bursting, but at home can only be alone with the dog Juice, exchange glasses, but also self-deprecating “a person alone to drink the boss, he is an odd creature”, the contrast is very comical. Jia Bing this time is still taking the public’s favorite line of local gas funny small people, playing a slightly grumpy restaurant boss, every day in the dislike and dislike, giving a variety of heartwarming funny paragraph, the trailer in a short “small calf” line, it will be his northeastern laugher’s temperament is shown to the fullest.

Other strengths of the actors are also masters of the fight, it is very much anticipated. The lightning love between the straightforward Beijing girl and the stingy little man is romantically interpreted by Yin Xiaotian and Jiang Mengjie, and Liang Danni with Zhang Shaorong faces a ludicrous twilight romance “splitting” crisis, plus the first appearance in the film of De Yunshe and Luan Yunping strong support “Happiness Is Like Juice”.

The movie “Happiness Is Like Juice” to “stray dog” cute dog Juice as a clue, strings together the different people in the city life. As small individuals in the sea of contemporary urban life, they, like all of us, each tasted the bitterness and sourness of life, and the appearance of Juice, so that their life trajectories are intertwined in one place by a dog leash until in the end, they found their own warmth and happiness. A realistic display of the reality of urban life, in the shell of comedy, hit the urban people’s emotions and survival status, to explore the true meaning of happiness, can be said to be very suitable for the mid-autumn festival, family together viewing of cute pet and feel the love. It can be said that it is a cute comedy movie that is perfect for family viewing at the mid-autumn festival.


  • Movie: Happiness is Like Juice
  • Country: China
  • Native Title: 狗果定理
  • Also Known As: Gou Guo Ding Li
  • Genres: Comedy, Life
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 40 min
  • Director: Zhou Chong

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