Go To Kill (2021) Review


Director Park Nam-won’s first feature movie “Go To Kill” (producer/distributor Pictures) is a comedy at the Austin Film Festival (held simultaneously on and offline from October 21-28, 2021), one of the largest films festivals in the United States.

The Austin Film Festival was selected as one of the 50 film festivals worth paying for by the American film critic magazine ‘Movie Maker Magazine’ and one of the 25 most wonderful film festivals in the world.

Also, it is a film festival accredited by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Association. ‘Cicada’ (directed by Lee Choong-Ryeol) was also included in the Korean film that was invited to this year’s Austin Film Festival.

Film Festival director Tim Gray praised “Go To Kill”, saying, “It was amazing how the sad story was expressed in a serious yet exciting way, and the song at the end was very moving.” The ending song was sung by singer Sukyung Yang. Previously, the movie ‘Go to Kill’ was officially invited to the comedy competition section of the Cinequest Film Festival held in March.

The movie “Go To Kill” is a black comedy film that takes place when Go Soo, who is worried about her immobile husband, mother-in-law, and his obese son who likes snacks. Her husband was deceived by a scammer and lost all his fortune on a useless land. It tells the story of Gosoo’s high school classmate, Mi-Yeon, who Gosu is running an errand for and accidentally finds out about a contract murder plan (plan to murder the president of a chaeboland is offered 40 million won more if the rich woman gets rid of the president. It is the first feature film directed by Park Nam-won and features Oh Jeong-Yeon, Choi Yun-Seul, Choi Moon-Kyung, and Ahn A-young.

In the play, Oh Jeong-Yeon takes on the role of Go Soo, her main character, and expresses her misfortune in various ways. In particular, it is known for directly digesting wire action and intense duel scenes, raising expectations.

In her main trailer, Oh Jeong-Yeon is perfectly assimilated to her master’s anger and sadness, and her short video alone catches her eye at once. In particular, through her poisonous eyes, she captures the hatred and sorrow she has to endure, and shows her impressive performance, raising the curiosity about her main story.

Go Soo wants to prevent ‘Mi Yeon’ from going to kill her college classmate who has ruined her own life, but ‘Go Soo’ is shaken by the saying that if you work you will make money. “Isn’t killing people the same as killing chickens?”

This work is attracting attention from overseas as it was invited to the Comedy Competition section of the Cinequest Film Festival held in March this year and the Comedy Vanguard Competition section of the Austin Film Festival (on and offline on October 21-28, 2021).


  • Movie: Go To Kill
  • Native Title: 죽이러 간다
  • Also Known As: Jugileo Kanda , Jukireo Ganda
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 35 min.