Girl Group BOTOPASS Disbands Two Years After Their Debut

BOTOPASS has officially disbanded.

On August 25, WKS ENE, the group’s agency, announced the group’s disbandment via an official statement. Members Jiwon, Seoyoon, and Cui Xiang have terminated their contracts while Mihee who competed on MBC’s “My Teen Girl” renewed her contract.

The group debuted on August 25, 2020, meaning the group disbanded two years after their debut.

The group consists of former members of girl group ILUV (Jiwon, Seoyoon, and Cui Xiang). They have been embroiled in controversy when former ILUV member Minah accused the group of harassing her. The representatives claimed she was lying and took legal action but the charges were eventually dropped.

Read the agency’s statement below!


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