fromis 9, Gyuri Jang leaves team… “Reorganized into 8 members”

fromis Nine’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, said, “Member Gyuri Jang ended her contract with us after the 5th mini album ‘From Our Memento Box’ early on July 31st.”

The other members signed a new contract with Pledis, and the contract period was extended, but it is understood that Jang Gyuri’s exclusive contract period ended on July 31, according to the original contract terms. 

Pledis said, “This decision was made after long consideration and discussion about what is the best direction for each other, and we cheered for Gyuri Jang’s new start. 

Due to this, fromis 9 will reorganize the team as an 8-member system from August without Jang Gyuri. 

Pledis promised, “From now on, we will continue to support fromis 9 actively so that they can grow further as artists.  From August 9, fromis 9 will organize a team as an 8-member system, and plan to meet fans in the second half of the year with various activities including the planned Japan schedule.”


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