Food delivery driver rescues a 2 year-old walking around in nothing but a diaper and socks under 38 degrees

In the midst of a cold snap that dropped the temperature to 38°F (3°C), Robert Jackson, a DoorDash food delivery driver, noticed a shivering toddler alone on Detroit’s 8 Mile Road, U.S.

It appears that the youngster strolled out of the house unobserved, Robert rushed him to the Children’s Hospital for monitoring, but police aren’t sure how long he had been outside.

Robert described how the child was “standing in the middle of 8 Mile like, there were purple marks all over him—his hands, the color of  his lips, his fingernails.

Robert pulled over as soon as he saw the frightened toddler so that he could warm him up in his car. The little one was only wearing a diaper and socks.

The outdoor temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 29 at the time. Jackson waited for the cops to come as he waved down another driver help to making a call.

Robert is aware that he is just a young kid, Robert is the father of 12 children himself. The child appeared to be in a good mood after he warmed him up inside the car; the little toddler couldn’t tell where he lived; he was too young to understand.

Within minutes of their arrival, Detroit police could positively identify the boy as a 2-year-old who lived just a few blocks away.

The mother had left the youngster with a 16-year-old brother at their house nearby while she went to the supermarket; no charges are expected to be filed.