Find Me if You Can (2021) Review


A web drama produced as part of a win-win cooperation project through collaboration with large, small, and medium-sized enterprises and the Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation Foundation.

‘Find Me if You Can’ is a mystery romance thriller that finds a stalker who is obsessed with Jeong Sang in a four-way love affair with the female lead,  Soon Jeong. Members of idol group ‘ASTRO’ MJ and Rocky, actor Han Ki-chan, and new actor Park Bo-Yeon will appear.

‘Find Me if You Can’ is a total of 8 episodes. They will be sequentially uploaded to Gmarket Global Shop’s official YouTube channel ‘Insa Oppa’.

Gmarket Global Shop is operating the official YouTube channel ‘Insa Oppa’ and ‘Insa Idol’ featuring KPOP artists. In addition, it is taking the lead in spreading K-culture by expanding the content area through live broadcasting through collaboration with celebrities such as K-pop artists.

Above all, as the production company’s film studio’s delicate and sensuous directing power is added, expectations for the work are rising.

“As the world’s interest in K-content is increasing, a high-quality web drama will be born that reflects the recent trend in Korea,” said Park Woo-Joo, producer of the content production company, Jjajja Studio, and raised expectations.

The web drama ‘Find Me if You Can’ is a romantic thriller wherein the four-way love triangle, they must find the stalker who is obsessed with Soonjung. Min Chae-Eun takes on the role of ‘Miho’, Soon-Jung’s best friend.


  • Drama: Find Me if You Can
  • Native Title: 숨은 그놈 찾기
  • Also Known As: Finding That Hidden Guy, Sumeun Geunom Chajgi
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 8
  • Aired: Nov 9, 2021 – Dec 4, 2021
  • Aired On: Tuesday, Saturday

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