Fearsome (2021) Review



The horror true story “Fearsome”, which deals with a creepy incident that happens to a band traveling to Chuncheon. In particular, “Fearsome” received a lot of expectations from fans of the genre as it was announced that it is a real horror movie with a motif of a real event, along with fresh casting news such as Jo Dong-hyuk, Cha Seon-woo, Jang Seok-Hyun, Lim Young-Joo, and Han Chae-Kyung. With the news of this release, the main poster has been released, and the veil is slowly starting to draw attention.

In the published stills of the press, you can check the eerie moments experienced by a band going to Chuncheon, which draws attention. First of all, the appearance of ‘Seung-Yeon (Jo Dong-hyuk), who is calling somewhere with a determined expression, stimulates curiosity from the start to see what kind of story is hidden in him. Meanwhile, ‘Seungyeon’ and the band, who used to be musicians in the past, put on a great performance and received an official contract offer from a club in Chuncheon. However, when ‘Jae-hyuk’ (Cha Seon-woo), who was contacted, hears an eerie voice through his cell phone, it creates a little tension.

After arriving at the dormitory, ‘Jaehyuk’ continues to feel a strange aura and conveys an ominous atmosphere. After that, not only ‘Jaehyuk’, but also ‘Seungyeon’, ‘Sungwoon’ (Jang Seok-Hyun), and ‘Jun-hee’ (Lim Young-Joo), all the band members began to hear creepy voices, and face an unknown and extreme fear that prevents them from taking their eyes off of it. In particular, the frightened appearance of the band members contrasts with the expected life in Chuncheon, raising curiosity about the future story. Finally, the appearance of ‘Jaehyuk’ heading somewhere with a blank look while being possessed by something makes the anticipation for the unpredictable ending in “Fearsome” the highest.

On the other hand, the main poster that has been released draws attention as it contains images of ‘Seungyeon’ (Jo Dong-hyuk) and ‘Jae-hyuk’ (Cha Seon-woo), who are full of fear in an eerie atmosphere. First of all, ‘Seungyeon’, the leader and vocalist of the band who went to Chuncheon, is rigid with a face that should not be seen, stimulating the curiosity of the viewers.

Jo Dong-hyuk, who exuded unparalleled charisma in various works such as ‘Bad Guys’ and ‘Rugal’, took on the role of Seung-Yeon. Seungyeon is the person who directly reports the incident in Chuncheon, which is thrilling just to hear it and maximizes the tension by leading the story with the narration in the work. Jo Dong-hyuk, who has shown a strong appearance in the meantime, is expected to once again impress the public by challenging his acting transformation through the role of Seung-Yeon.

Then, guitarist ‘Jaehyuk’ puts something in his mouth as if possessed, conveying a strange feeling. There is even madness in the eyes looking straight ahead, making it even more creepy. In addition, the ominous energy of the house, where unknown events occur one after another, foretells a terrible horror and creates tension. In particular, the copy of ‘mystery true story that will color your night with horror’ raises expectations by telling that the unbelievable story in “Fearsome” actually happened.

Cha Seon-woo, who is filling up various filmography by appearing in ‘Reply 1994’, ‘Bad Detective’, and ‘Level Up’, takes on the role of guitarist Jae-hyuk, who is fearful and cautious but enjoys the stage more than anyone else. In particular, he showed enthusiasm for memorizing all the lines at the script reading site for his first role after being discharged from the military, and there is much anticipation as to what kind of performance he will perform in this work.

Actress Lim Young-Joo, who is attracting attention for her neat face, plays the role of Jun-hee, who reverses the atmosphere with positive energy. Jang Seok-Hyun, an actor from a mixed group shop, plays the role of Seong-Woon, who is playful as if serious, and Han Chae-Kyung, an actress with infinite charm, plays everyone with a beautiful voice. Holly takes on the role of a ghost and plays three-dimensional characters that fit each personality.


  • Movie: Fearsome
  • Native Title: 피어썸
  • Also Known As: Pieosseom
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Oct 7, 2021