Fears of war in Taiwan: China’s threat of “provocation” as Japan holds historic talks with Taipei

The talks drew the ire of Beijing, which condemned them as an affront to Chinese sovereignty.

Chinese Communist Party spokesman The Global Times warned, “Taking risks on the Taiwan issue is tantamount to provoking a war.

“The tricks played by Japan will only result in losing on both sides – becoming cannon fodder for U.S. interests on one side and provoking the Chinese mainland and getting into trouble on the other.”

Japanese naval forces are currently engaged in a training exercise with their “quads” partners, the United States, Australia and India, in the Philippine Sea for the Malabar Navy War Games.

Lo Chih-cheng and Tsai Shih-ying of the DDP told reporters that China had been a hot topic of discussion.

“From a certain point of view, today’s talks represent the two governments’ efforts to strengthen relations,” Lo said.

“More importantly, even if both sides face possible pressure from China, both sides can promise to express their strong will and hope that such dialogue will continue.”

In a Facebook post, the DDP added, “There has long been a strong friendship between Taiwan and Japan, and cooperation between the two countries in various fields is getting closer.

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The document stressed, “It is necessary for us to pay close attention to the [Taiwan] situation with a sense of crisis more than ever.

Mr. Lo rejected Chinese accusations that the defense talks send the “wrong message,” saying that such a response was totally expected.

He said, “Taiwan, as a sovereign and independent country, has the right to promote bilateral and multilateral relations with all countries.”