Fans Losing It Over Photo Of Jessi Kissing Wet Boy During WATERBOMB Performance

Singer Jessi presented a surprise kiss performance on stage.

On August 6th, Jessi posted a picture on her own Instagram with the caption “Thank you waterbomb for having me at the wettest festivals in Korea… 🥵🥵 til next summer 🤍 (Hopefully my back is still okay by then) 😫 S/O to @gagjinbeom for being the cutest. Had to give wetboy a wet kiss today 😘 Please stay hydrated everyone!! love you all❤️“, she said.

In the published photo, Jessi is seen kissing Wet Boy (Yang Jin-beom), a comedy artist and singer, during a WATERBOMB performance. To this, Wet Boy left a comment, “You worked hard, noona“.

Meanwhile, Jessi, who was born in 1988 and turns 34, made her debut in 2005 and made her comeback with the release of her single “ZOOM” last April.

She recently released her free agent after her contract with her PNation expired, and she is currently on her tour.


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