[enter-talk] V VOGUE

This is the first time a K-pop idol make an all-kill for Vogue Korea in history

V’s Vogue pictorial even went on the news

Of course being freaking handsome sells well. I ordered all 3 versions

I want to receive it faster

post response:


1. [+319, -2]

He’s such a beautiful subject so I hope he shoots more pictorials

2. [+316, -2]

Happy Chuseok everyone

3. [+311, -1]

How can he look this cool in the hanbok picture he just posted?

4. [+52, -1]

Seems like the akgaes who hate V are here to vent their holiday stress. Get his on your head while looking at this pretty boy

5. [+51, 0]

I’m f*cking looking forward to VOGUE’s quality. I purchased it as soon as I saw this Insta postㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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