“[exclusive] Lowering dependency to BTS… Hybe full fledge development in the gaming industry”

“Bighit takes over Pledis… Lower dependence to BTS”

“BTS female dongsaeng group ‘Le Sserafim’ ‘kicking up a storm… Debut first week sales #1 records”

“‘BTS dongsaeng’ TXT, right before J-hope at Lollapalooza”

“‘BTS dongsaeng’ TXT, concert right before J-hope at Chicaco Lollapalooza”

“BTS –> TXT, successgul hyung-dongsaeng of Hybe, tear up Billboard”

“Bighit Music, BTS TXT dongsaeng group carves out audition”

(J-Hope’s article mentions TXT as BTS’ dongsaeng group)

“TXT fan love, BTS’ dongsaengs at work!”

“‘BTS dongsaeng’ TXT, surprise return confirmed”

“BTS dongsaeng group ‘Enhypen”

“‘BTS dongsaeng group’ Enhypen is coming back”

“‘BTS donsaeng’ Enhypen, ‘planned to become this year’s rookie'”

“Enhypen, Because they’re BTS’ dongsaeng? … They way to work blocked by umbrellas”

“Enhypen ‘special protection because they’re BTS dongsaengs'”

“Enhypen ‘we are BTS dongsaeng group'”

“Enhypen ‘BTS dongsaeng’s fancy stage'”

“NewJeans, ‘BTS female dongsaeng group’ unveiled”

post response:


1. [+194, -0]

That b*stard and his ‘BTS dongsaeng’ㅋㅋ BTS dongsaeng is TXT and no one else from Bighit, why does he put BTS dongsaeng this and BTS dongsaeng that in everything?

2. [+169, -0]

Is BTS the child breadwinner? F*ck 

3. [+126, -0]

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So everyone coming out from Hybe from now on will be BTS’ dongsaeng?

4. [+47, -0]

I hate the fact that they were so confidently claiming to reduce their dependence to BTS 

5. [+41, -2]

They said that they would lower their dependence… Meanwhile BTS is doing it

6. [+35, -0]

Meanwhile, they’re gold-digging with the Busan full-group concert because they were scared that their stocks would drop 


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