It’s such a shame

I know that for people who are KPOP fans, most have heard of the song, but stillㅠㅠ

I heard the song for the first time this year and it was f*cking good

Is Bighit just bad at promoting? Or they didn’t hit big because they’re not a girl group? I don’t know but the song was so good..

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But I feel like the title is also to blame. When people were praising the song for being good, I really couldn’t bring myself to listen to the song because of the title… Then when I finally gave in, I listened to it like crazy

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It’s the title of the song and they weren’t in the 24HIT chart either because it was the new chart so it made it hard for boy groups fans to show their force. The song is freaking good, I hope it climbs back 

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They’re still in the chart when you click on rock/metal genre, but me too I hope it climbs back upㅠㅠㅠ For reference, Good Boy Gone Bad is still in the rap/hip hop chart and they’re still in the top 100 of Youtube Musicㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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They were even able to stay in the TOP100 for a while and it was their career highㅜㅜ Because of the prejudice against boy groups, people don’t listen to it and it’s upsetting… I hate loud songs, but I joined the fandom because their faces were likableㅜㅜㅜ But  0×1=LOVESONG in Japanese is jjang too, seriously I can’t express in words what I felt when I listened to the song..It was freaking jjang..

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I’m a girl group fan, but this song is the best song among boy groups songs. It sounds majestic yet faint, my heart hurts when I listen to it f*ck 


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