Even if it couldn’t help that he couldn’t attend the Japanese fan meeting because of Covid, shouldn’t he at least keep his manners towards the fans who went just to see him?

“- Yah what is he saying? Does he not have time to think about the Japanese Markfs? I get that he wants to go play basketball but did he forget that he was supposed to go to Japan for a fan meeting originallyㅠ?

– Mark-yah, it can’t be help if you can’t come to Japan, but did you not think about the Japanese Markfs who waited for you for so long and the Korean Markfs who had 2 days break from work prior to the Japanese Chuseok, who prepare changing clothes and who took the planes from a far away place just to see you?ㅠㅠ

– I wish you a happy birthday and I’m relieved that your body feels better but please don’t forget that there are a lot of Markfs who were looking forward to meet you today and tomorrow in Japanㅠㅠ”

The Korean fans still view Mark like a baby and keep on babying him so I think that it feeds into his actions even more.

His Korean fans never point out anything against him but his Japanese fans are even writing tweets in Korean out of anger.

I’m not sure if he saw his Japanese fans’ reactions, but at the end of his birthday livestream, he conveyed his regrets

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1. [+78, -6]

I think that just seeing how he said that he thought it was a pity it rained on the day of the fan meeting because he couldn’t go play basketball was enough to make people mad. I saw Korean fans shielding him on the Japanese fans’ angry tweetsㅋㅋ

2. [+72, -8]

He became so-so ever since that earthquake comment

3. [+53, -4]

This guy said in NCT Dream’s self-made content that he didn’t expect anything about Dream and that it was luck and some bullsh*t like that and didn’t he get a ton of hate for that? I kinda feel like the things that he’s thinking are different than the things that are coming out of his mouth. I can kinda understand what kind of thing he’s trying to say with a nuance but the way he says it kinda ruins my mood..?

4. [+30, -3]

After cancelling the Dream Concert, he went live and it showed how he was only interested in him catching Covid rather than feeling pity over cancelling Dream’s show and it was just upsetting… He should learn from Jisung who went to the makeup salon prior to doing a livestream. Seeing Mark after Jisung was shocking… it’s not that he lacks sense but I think that it’s true that he’s selfish

5. [+30, -1]


“Until the shock hits, let’s call Mark “basketball” for a moment. Change Mark’s emoticon from 🍉 to 🏀 for now. I ask for your understanding.”


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