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1. [+56, -3]
Is Nayeon slowly getting younger?
2. [+48, 0]
She was a pink honey tteok todayㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+31, 0]
Seriously pretty… I saved it as a non fan
4. [+20, -1
The fact that Nayeon is a 95-liner is really… it’s not like 28 was considered cold either but she just looks so refreshing and young. It’s fascinating that someone can have such refreshing expressions even with so much seniority…
5. [+15,0]
She really looks like baby Apeach

6. [+11, 0]

Why is she getting younger?
7. [+9, 0
Wow it seriously looks like she’s dripping with fruit juice. Too pretty
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