Miu Miu, Innis Free, Kirsch, SK Telecom, HapaKristin, GOSPHERES, Eider, Fred….

Meanwhile, for Miu Miu, she was the youngest Korean person to become an ambassador and was Fred’s first Korean ambassador… Seriously, she’s so impressive and she’s only 19


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1. [+45, -3]

I think that Jang Wonyoung’s life just has a pretty successful fate…ㅋㅋ Her fortune also said that she was gonna earn a lot

2. [+36, -3]

She’s the ambassador of golf wear, circle lenses, telecom, jewelry and is also the ambassador of luxury brands and road shop brands, she’s sweeping through them all… She’s seriously a hot girl

3. [+32, -3]

Her life is seriously so sturdyㅋㅋㅋ she’s impressive in so many ways

(Comment talking about her achievements and her buzzworthiness.

Her achievements include:

– Ranking 15th on Billboard Global 200

– Ranking 10th on Billboard Global 200

– Ranking 9th on Apple Music Global

– Ranking #1 on Apple Music Japan Weekly

– Ranking #1 on YouTube Music Japan Weekly

– Ranking 51st on Spotify Global Weekly

– Ranking #1 on QQ Music K-chart Weekly)

4. [+17, -1]

F*ck, what was I doing at 19 y.o… f*ck

5. [+12, 0]

I wonder how much more will she accomplish.. f*cking impressive

6. [+11, 0]

Also, she doesn’t just succeed on her own but her group is also successful. Seriously, she’s freaking awesome…

7. [+11, -1]

For real?? I knew that Jang Wonyong was on ads but I didn’t know that she had 8 of them. Daebak


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