The idol who got the most shields out of all the school violence-dols was Hyunjin… Freaking disgusting 

post response:


1. [+153, -19]

How fortunate of him being a nobody in Korea

2. [+136, -23]

Stray Kids themselves are burying this down and giving him a passㅋㅋ

3. [+131, -14]

JYP, you said that the personality was imporatnt

4. [+28, -2]

Stray Kids have no f*cking fans domestically and they have no presence either so it must be a relief for him. If Hwang Hyunjin was popular, he’d get the Garam treatment. JYP needs to cut it down on the personality play 

5. [+27, -7]

I’m another group’s fan but I hope the Stays learn to not comment and fight with trolls, you guys are so frustratingㅋ you’re the ones who are always sending him to the trending talksㅋ


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