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He sold 310K in one day

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1. [+41, -7]

First of all, his company said that for the sake of environmental pollution, they wouldn’t make a physical album 

2. [+31, -52]

Even Baekhyun was able to sell this much in his first week sales in 2021 after discharging from the army. With the physical albums inflation, I was expecting him to sell at least 1.5M albums since Army were talking about how BTS’ solos will chew on everyone , but looks like he won’t even be able to surpass Baekhyun’s first week sales

3. [+25, -9]

He doesn’t have a physical album and he only has 1 version… I bet even the real fans will debate on purchasing it

4. [+16, -27]

If it’s not Jungkook, their solos will not be able to succeed

5. [+13, -0]

It doesn’t reflect Billboard’s sales and he doesn’t even have a physical CD

6. [+13, -1]

We need to beat the company up sigh 

7. [+10, -0]

It has only been 1 day and there are a lot of Army’s purchases that haven’t been registered yet. And are you guys really worried for J-hope’s first week sales? F*ck I’m thankful to tearsㅋㅋㅋ


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