This seems to have been taken from his iPhone’s default camera (t/n: Knets call it 기카 (Gika) = 기본카메라 (Gibon Kamera)) but his features are insane… I’m once again reminded that celebrities’ features look jammed packed together even with default cameras

This is Seventeen’s Scoups

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1. [+70, -0]

His eyes is as big as the Oriental ocean, and his double eyelids are also strong so his features will look sharp no matter what camera you use. His eyes are a freaking fraud 

2. [+67, -0]

Not only on Gikas but even with broadcast cameras, his features are f*cking distinct

3. [+50, -0]

He looks f*cking sharp with any camera, his T-zone is no joke.. 

4. [+37, ,-0]

His T-zone is solid… His eyebrows too. . . 

5. [+17, -0]

There is a lot of people who mistaken Coups as mixed when they see him for the first time, but he’s native Korean .. 

6. [+17, -0]

Seriously handsome.. 


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