[Dramas] Upcoming Drama “I Don’t Want To Do Anything” Shares Warm Individual Posters Of Its Main Cast Including Im Siwan And Seolhyun

Genie TV’s original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” has released new warm posters of its main cast!

The drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” is about finding a stopping point in life between a voluntary unemployed character Yeo Reum played by Seolhyun and a librarian Dae Beom played by Im Siwan. It depicts a story of leaving a complex city and visiting a strange place where one visits to do nothing but find themselves. The drama is expected to provide beautiful visuals with scenery captured through filming in places such as Gurye, Gokseong, and Namhae.

Director Lee Yoon Jung will direct “I Don’t Want to Do Anything,” his previous works include “Coffee Prince” and many others.

Im Siwan plays Ahn Dae Beom, a shy librarian who hardly speaks to anyone and when he does, he speaks with a stutter. Seolhyun plays the role of Yeo Reum, a woman who got dumped by her boyfriend and soon after, her mother dies. She decides to make a decision to live a complete different life from before and not do anything. She quits her job and moves into a small village, there she meets Ahn Dae Beom.

The newly released character posters are of the four main characters played by Im Siwan, Seolhyun, Shin Eun Soo, and Bang Jae Min.

Genie TV’s original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” will be released on Genie TV, seezn, and ENA channels in November.