[Dramas] The Rising Korean Actress Who Had To Reveal This Idol Was Her Brother Due To Dating Rumors Linking Them Together

Rising Korean Actress Bae Da Bin has recently revealed that a certain idol is actually her brother and the reason will surprise you.

On September 26, Bae Da Bin participated in an interview and revealed that she had to explain that VERIVERY’s Hoyoung was her brother because fans were linking them together.

Turns out, the siblings have 4 more sisters. Bae Da Bin says she’s very close to Hoyoung who is their only brother. She initially didn’t want to reveal they were siblings because she feared it might cause unintentional harm but when dating rumors started circulating after they visited an amusement park together, she had to deny the rumors.

Bae Da Bin also added that Hoyoung understands her without having to explain since they work in the same industry, he also motivates her to work hard like him.

Are you surprised to find out that Bae Da Bin and Hoyoung are siblings?