[Dramas] “The Law Cafe” Ratings Drop, “Mental Coach Jegal” Joins The Race

tvN’s newest drama “Mental Coach Jegal” has premiered and joined the ratings race.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Mental Coach Jegal” started off with an average nationwide rating of 1.5%

“Mental Coach Jegal” is a sports drama that tells the story of a taekwondo player who was expelled from the university due to an accident and now returns to the same university as a mental coach for the national team, he fights against the absurd world of winner-takes-all. Its led by Lee Yoo Mi, Jung Woo, Kwon Yul,  Park Se Young, Cha Soon Bae and more.

Meanwhile, “The Law Cafe” dipped to an average nationwide rating of 5.3%, a decline from the previous episode which recorded 6.6%.

Source: Nielsen Korea

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