[Dramas] “Love Is For Suckers” Ratings Rise To New Height, “Love In Contract” Declines To Its Lowest, “May I Help You?” Joins The Race

ENA’s “Love In For Suckers” is enjoying a rise in popularity!

According to Nielsen Korea, “Love Is For Suckers” most recent episode marked a new high for the drama, it recorded an average nationwide rating of 1.9, the drama’s highest rating yet.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You?” premiered last night and joined the race. It recorded an average nationwide rating of 3.9%. Meanwhile, “Bad Prosecutor” ratings declined, it recorded an average nationwide rating of 4.3, a decrease from last week but the drama remains the most-watched Wednesday-Thursday drama of the night.

Lastly, tvN’s “Love in Contract” ratings saw a drop to 2.67%, the drama’s lowest rating to date, the previous lowest rating was 2.8%.

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Source: Nielsen Korea