[Dramas] Lee Sang Bo Revealed To Be The Actor In His 40s Under Investigation For Alleged Drug Use, Actor Denies And Vows Strict Legal Action Against False Reports

Actor Lee Sang Bo has been revealed to be the actor in his 40s under investigation for alleged drug use but he denied the allegations and vowed to take strict legal action against false reports through a long message on Instagram.

On September 14, Lee Sang Bo took to his Instagram and shared a long message, saying,

“I apologize for unintentionally causing concern during the festival season when everyone should be happy and joyful. I couldn’t control myself even after taking the medicine that I’ve been taking for a long time so I had a drink but that seems to have been the beginning of an unpleasant incident. I don’t have a family to spend the festival with. Over the past few years, I’ve been more dependent on medicine as my family left one by one, and I’ve become a weak human being who has no choice but to be depressed without having stabilizers. But I tried not to live a shameful life for my family who would be watching me from somewhere. But when I came to my senses, I was being called a ‘drug actor’. I never took drugs. The stigma of being a drug actor is very hard to bear as a human being before becoming an actor. I will do my best to resolve misunderstandings and restore my honor. I will faithfully conduct police investigations in the future and respond strongly to groundless false facts. I will try to show the bright side without having tranquilizers in the future. I apologize again for the inconvenience.”

Earlier on September 10, Lee Sang Bo was arrested by the police who were dispatched after receiving a resident report that said someone stumbling and walking on the streets seems like they have used drugs. On September 12, Lee Sang Bo was released and denied the charges of taking drugs, saying that it happened because he took depressive drugs that were prescribed to him following his family’s tragic death in an accident.

Lee Sang Bo debuted in 2006 with a KBS drama. The last drama the actor filmed is the KBS2 drama “Miss Monte-Cristo,” which aired last year.

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