[Dramas] Hyun Bin Has The Most Epic Reaction To This Young Girl’s Hilarious Sign About Liking Him

Hyun Bin’s reaction to a sign by a fan has garnered attention.

On September 25, a video titled ‘Hyun Bin bursts out in laughter after seeing a sign’ went viral. The video shows Hyun Bin reading a sign before bursting into laughter. The actor had attended a press conference for the premiere of his new movie “Confidential Assignment 2.”

The sign reads, ‘my dad is 41. Dad, I am sorry… I like Hyun Bin.”

Hyun Bin then pointed out the sign to his fellow actors, Yoo Hae Jin ended up reading the sign out loud

Hyun Bin is 41 in Korean age, he was born in 1982.

Check out the cute video below!

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