[Dramas] Han Ji Hyun’s Upcoming Drama “Cheer Up” Unveils New Teaser Poster

SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up” has unveiled a new teaser poster featuring the main lead Han Ji Hyun.

On September 13, SBS released a new teaser poster for their upcoming drama “Cheer Up,” starring Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, and Kim Hyun Jin.

“Cheer Up” is about the heated and chilly campus mystery romantic comedy of youngsters who gathered in a weakening university cheering squad, leaving behind its brilliant history. The story is against the backdrop Yeonhui University cheering squad, which has been around for 50 years. Director Han Tae Seop, who co-directed the “Stove League” and writer Cha Hae Won, who wrote “VIP,” are working together raising interest for the drama.

In the poster released, the main character played by Han Ji Hyun is seen cheering passionately on the stage. And the stage of the university cheering squad is full of youth’s passion, shouts, and lively young energy. The blue waves of cheers fill the stage, and the bright cheering squad on the stage and the enthusiastic audience below the stage stand out. Above all, as if shouting “Cheer-up” at everyone, the hands that stretched out high in the sky and the back filled with joy give a glimpse of the heart-warming and precious dream stage.

“Cheer Up” will showcase the exciting first love and the thrilling joy to be on the cheering stage of the youngsters. It is expected that the brilliant dream of youth living in the present and the passion of sprinting toward it will be shown on the small screen.

The drama is set to premiere on October 3.

Are you excited about this drama?

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