DP Korean Drama Review

Highly anticipated in Korea, the drama D.P.: Deserter Pursuit arrives at the same time in France this Friday on Netflix.

Beware if you are a fan of South Korean drama you will soon be overwhelmed with new releases on Netflix even if some of them are not quite recent. Some titles have already started to appear since last week on the platform and more are announced for September. One of the most expected is certainly D.P.: Deserter Pursuit which for once will be released in France on the same day as in South Korea and the rest of the world this Friday, August 27, 2021 at 9:01 am.

D.P.: Deserter Pursuit tells the story of An Joon-Ho, a calm and quiet soldier but rather inflexible. His tenacity and observation skills are noticed by Sergeant Park Beom-Goo who chooses to transfer him to the deserter pursuit troop. He will team up with Park Beom-Goo who looks tired all the time, Han Ho-Yeol who will sometimes give him good advice on investigations but often bores him and with first lieutenant Im Ji-Seob who only cares about his career in the army.

The reason why D.P.: Deserter Pursuit is so anticipated is because it is the adaptation of the very popular webtoon D.P.: Dog Day written and illustrated by Kim Bo-tong which was published between 2015 and 2016. This six-episode drama was written and directed by Han Jun-hee known for his film Coin Locker Girl selected at the Critics’ Week at the 68th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. He co-wrote the adaptation with the author of the webtoon.

You may already know the actors of D.P.: Deserter Pursuit. The main role is played by Jung Hae-In already on Netflix in the dramas One Spring Night, Blood and White Nights. He shares the poster with Koo Kyo-hwan who played in Peninsula and the series Kingdom; Kim Sung-kyun seen in Reply 1994 and The Fiery Priest and Son Suk-ku who was in Designated Survivor: 60 Days.