‘Don’t show other horses this’: Animal goes viral for doing something extremely funny

For a good laugh, check out the video below that has been causing online chuckles all around the world. It’s not like there are a lot of horses that do this.

It’s charming and hilarious to see from the outside. As a young fella, Jingang has come up with an ingenious way to avoid doing his responsibilities. The last thing in his mind is like, “They can’t force me to do it!”

Ranchers, on the other hand, find it more aggravating. “It’s cute but naughty.”

We all have days when we don’t feel like going to work. When a horse named Jingang feels this way, he knows just how to get out of his work.

When anyone tries to ride this obstinate and humorous horse, he falls to the ground and pretends to be dead.

Horses and ranchers are meant to go together like steak and chips. A lot of work goes into getting their animals trained, but they can get them ready and take charge most of the time.

Unless, of course, you’re Jingang’s, owner, this guy is absolutely stumped, as his horse decides if he doesn’t feel like being ridden, and has devised an ingenious way to get around it.

It won’t take him long to drop like a sack of potatoes, just like a fainting donkey. Indeed, if people believe he’s gone to the afterlife, won’t they just leave him alone?

Here, ranchers attempt to catch Jingang and put him to work in the video below. The funny thing is that the most amusing scene is caught each time they do, reports the Animal Channel.

They can’t even get Jingang into a training stance for lessons because he won’t listen to the riders’ instructions.

He’ll go into “playing dead” mode over and over again, and he’s gotten good at it.

To begin, this is the first step. Whenever the rancher approaches or mounts Jingang, he falls flat to the ground, seemingly dead.

This is the second step. Aside from rolling his eyes back, Jingang can also squint, squirm, or hold odd postures with both feet.

Jingang is a good artist, to say the least! This horse deserves an Academy Award or something, don’t you think?

To achieve a specific aim, Jingang isn’t the only animal on our planet to “play dead.” According to the World Atlas website, the inventive approach is used by species for several purposes.

Thanatosis, the name for pretending to be dead, appears to fulfill a variety of functions in distinct animals. There are various reasons for faking death to avoid predators, but other species use thanatosis as part of the courting ritual to attract mates.

Frogs, snakes, fish, and sharks will all pretend to have gone to the next world, also the opossum can be good at it. According to National Geographic, other agricultural animals, such as cows and pigs, can also show signs of a “trance-like state.”