Dear Diary (2021) Review


The drama “Dear Diary”, produced by Youku and Work Pictures, produced by Zhu Mo, directed by Zhou Nan, starring Feng Xiaoyue, Bu Guanjin, Hsu Weiqing, Zhou You, Wang Ruichang, and Zhu Yanmanzhi, released a character relationship teaser and a single version. A fantastical and quirky love journey is about to begin.
Breaking the shackles of time and space to write a fantasy love story. The character relationship teaser released in “Dear Diary” depicts the emotional relationship between the three pairs of the couple’s in the drama. The story of the three pairs of lovebirds, from their initial fear and resistance to their gradual intimacy and eventual fall into love, is a laughable one.
“I was born to love you”, “It’s my destiny to meet you, I will use my fortune to fulfill all your dreams”, “I once thought of accompanying you even to up the forest down to the sea, but in the end, I could only send you to a transport that I could never catch”.

After the sweetness of the middle two, the three pairs of the couple even ushered in a painful farewell moment. The “gears” of destiny have already been turned on, can the “Diary People” stay in the real world? It is also a good idea to find out if the three pairs will end up in he or a be.
The story of a love affair in a different world. The “Dear Diary” version of the poster released by the show is unique, retaining the show’s usual nonsensical style while mapping out the main storyline of the diary’s coming true. The handsome half-blood prince, the ordinary socially frightened girl, the charming and haughty princess, the handsome gangster, the wealthy guard, and the beautiful Sichuan opera girl, the character traits of each character can be traced in the style of the poster.
“Dear Diary” tells the story of a young girl’s diary in which her youthful dreams come true. When she was twelve years old, Chen Meiru begins to develop her own fantasy about her love and sketches a drawing of her “prince”, Ji Ba Bi Lun into her diary. When she turned twenty-four, the prince she drew descended from heaven and landed right in front of her. The diary turned into an incantation that travels through time, and Chen Meiru gets entangled into an epic tale of love and hate that transcends 3700 years

Chen Mei Ru (Bu Guan Jin) is a socially frightened girl in the workplace who has been friends with Jiang Hui Zhen (Zhu Yan Manzhi) for many years. When Jiang Hui Zhen organizes Chen Mei Ru’s 24th birthday party, she coincidentally “summons” a strange and naive prince Ji Ba Bi Lun (Feng Xiao Yue), and the two of them start a series of hilarious stories in Mei Ru’s house.

Besides, two other people were summoned and appeared in the real world. The rich prince of ancient Babylon (Wang Ruichang) introduces himself to Jiang Hui Zhen with a serious face: “I am not a second generation, but I am rich, rich as a kingdom.” Jiang Huizhen can’t help but laugh at his “middle-aged” sense of humor. On the other hand, Duan Liu Shui (Zhou You) is also in love with the Dragon Lady of the Nine Heavens (Hsu Wei-ning). The three pairs of lovers can be sweet, sad, or sour, and the excitement is about to begin.
The show is not only unique in its plotting, but also in its magical, middle-aged style that is very different from previous sweet dramas. The official teaser has attracted a lot of attention from the netizens, and the teaser and poster revealed are full of information, which will instantly raise everyone’s expectations. After two years of script polishing and three years of filming and post-production, the drama is finally going to bring you this fantasy otherworldly love affair.
It is reported that ” Dear Diary” will be officially launched on September 27, and will be broadcasted simultaneously on Youku and Akiyay every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00, with members watching it first, and VIP members enjoying paid overdue on-demand every Thursday at 10:00 from October 7, to watch next week in advance.


  • Drama: Dear Diary
  • Native Title: 我的巴比伦恋人
  • Also Known As: Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian, 爱在三千七百多年前, Love was more than 3,700 years ago, Ai Zai San Qian Qi Bai Duo Nian Qian, Ai在西元前, Wo De Ba Bi Lun Lian Ren
  • Screenwriter: Even Jian
  • Genres: Adventure, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Sep 27, 2021 – ?
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Original Network: iQiyi, Youku
  • Duration: 45 min.