Danger Zone Season 2 (2021) Review


This drama was jointly created by the gold award team. It gathered elements such as crime, suspense, reasoning, and action, and aroused widespread discussion after the broadcast. “Danger Zone Chapter 2”, ‘almost shine’, in addition to starring in the group in Chapter 1, this drama had Tseng Jing Hua, Wu Hsing Kuo and will serve as an important player in the first chapter throws problem-solving chapter.

The first chapter focuses on the ‘person dismemberment case’. ‘ Genius anatomy expert Liang Yandong offered to help find the true culprit of the person dismemberment case, but on the condition that “Chang Rong must be in Fang Keqian” The case was overturned.” With Wu Yuxin’s coming forward, Fang Kexi’s original sexual assault and homicide case also officially ended. Just when everyone thought that the grievances were cleared away, the last episode of Liang Yandong was hit by a truck in a prison car and overturned.

The biggest villain of the show, the mysterious person Lu Qi who has been hiding behind in the first chapter, his true identity is the son of the dean of Lu Zhensheng Memorial Hospital. The dark web organization code-named ” Watchman “, looks like an ordinary person, but in fact, he is “killing.” “Devil” has suffered psychological wounds due to changes in his childhood. He has a distorted personality after he grows up and has not recovered. He does not know what the limit is, nor the meaning of “life”. It is a repressive and complex role, played by Zeng Jinghua. It was his first challenge to “killing acting”.

‘Unexpectedly, it is not just Liang Yandong that I have to deal with!’ Wu Hsing Kuo plays Mu Xuesong, the chief executive of Lu Zhensheng Memorial Hospital, and Mu Yayan’s father was originally an upright doctor who seemed to save the world. He ignored his son because he was too devoted to his work. Mu Yayan’s care ultimately depends on his own benefit to achieve the highest position. He thinks that what he is doing is legitimate, but it is not. Why should I bother with Liang Yandong? What is the interesting relationship with Yang Yulu? It will play a key role in the second season. The blessing of Wu Xingguo, “Playing Bone”, makes the plot of the whole drama more full!

Zhang Rongrong plays Yang Yulu, the deputy director of Changrong, who is airborne and has a calm and steady personality. She is good at analyzing and observing cases. She is extremely persistent and focused on cases. Use the weaknesses of others to break through and find out the answer. I can’t understand Lu Qi’s bullying and killing of girls. This is completely different from Team Tan’s method of handling the case. The two sides are engaged in various struggles. The real reason for being a policeman is actually hidden. Secretly, the second chapter will reveal her purpose in catching the bad guys. This is Zhang Rongrong’s role as a police officer again in “The Third Layout Dust and Sand Confusion”. There is no doubt that she will be capable of acting!

Zhu Xuanyang as Ren Fei is the best case solver in the first chapter. In addition to the “Person Dismemberment Case” and “Fang Keqian Case”, the “Sacred Beauty Square Shooting” that has been appearing in Ren Fei’s memory scene is also a highlight. In the first chapter, he concealed his identity and joined the Changrong branch as a rookie. In fact, he was the son of the director’s heavy responsibility. He did not understand his father’s remarriage. Could it be that the reason for being a policeman was to find out who killed his mother? There is another reason for the fierceness. The new chapter may bring out Ren Fei’s past. Zhu Xuanyang’s performance in the first chapter is dazzling. Next to the two actors Zhou Yimin and Li Mingshun, his aura is not inferior at all!

In the case of the ” Fang Kexi case”, the key witness is Wu Yuxin, whose husband Zhang Yifan died of a heart transplant. She previously entrusted Liang Yandong to ask the Lu Zhensheng Memorial Hospital for the truth but gave up because he did not agree with his fanfare. Important figures in all incidents, the ” Fang Keqian Case” and the “Organ Transplant Case”, two seemingly unrelated cases, actually hide a huge conspiracy behind it. Is it because of this that Liang Yandong was framed and framed? After all, Lu Zhensheng commemorates What is the purpose of the hospital’s eagerness for the black box?


  • Drama: Danger Zone Season 2
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  • Native Title: 逆局 第二季
  • Also Known As: 追凶者 , Ni Ju Di Er Ji , Zhui Xiong Zhe Di Er Ji , Yik Guk Dai Yi Gwai , 追凶者 第二季
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Episodes: 12
  • Airs: Oct 15, 2021 – Nov 19, 2021
  • Airs On: Friday
  • Original Network: iQiyi, iQiyi
  • Duration: 45 min.