Daily Fantasy (2021) Review


“Daily Fantasy” directed by Liang Dong, starring Wang Yanlin and Jiao Junyan, starring Gao Jie, Luo Ji, Min Jian, Zhang Zidong, Zhang Xuefeng, Zeng Jiang, and Lin Gengxin specially starred in the surreal healing comedy movie “Daily Fantasy”.

How does it feel when all the still life around you “live”? The movie “Daily Fantasy” tells the story of Ah Zhen, played by Wang Yanlin, accidentally possessing the ability to talk to non-human things after being struck by a sky thunder. With superpower possessed, what ridiculous and ridiculous things Ah Zhen will experience in his unremarkable life?
This movie is adapted from a popular comic series of the same name on the Internet. The fixed-file poster released also directly presents the funny setting of “things into people” on the screen. In the center of the warm yellow poster, Wang Yanlin and Jiao Junyan smiled and looked forward. On both sides, there were toilets, yellow dogs, fighting over the Buddha, and a classic car.

In the oil paintings hanging on the wall, the corresponding objects next to the two have all become “real people”-Luo Ji, who has the same black and white clothing and green scarf as the toilet, is wearing sunglasses and a silk scarf. Zhang Zidong, Bao Bell, who is a perfect replica of the fight against the Buddha, and Zeng Jiang in red, all appeared on the scene. Objects and people are ingeniously corresponding, each other is interesting and joyful.

In the ultimate poster released today, all members of the Solar Fantasy gathered in a corner of the house. Jiao Junyan as Cao Mei pointed at Wang Yanlin as Ah Zhen with a stethoscope in her hand. It seemed an extraordinary relationship between diagnosis and treatment, which aroused expectations; a still life actor with two angles was pasted by the door. Mystery is also hidden behind the glass door, and still life actor’s “real bodies” can be vaguely seen; Gao Jie, Zhang Xuefeng, and others are surrounded by the bathtub. This will be a movie that looking forward to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with everyone.

“Daily Fantasy”‘s 15-second preview also directly exposed the large-scale “things into people” scene of the movie. The ice beauty hiding in the refrigerator, the sofa struggling outside, and the toilet big brother reflected in the mirror…Ah Zhen, who was terrified, was frightened and fled the scene. Suddenly, Bauber’s voice came from the body of the fighting and defeating Buddha. Ah Zhen, who doubted that he was dreaming, turned to Jiao Junyan’s ruthless evaluation of “I’m not too sick”, and the film’s funny comedic temperament suddenly overflowed the screen. Ah Zhen’s sudden power was actually due to a “curse” he had made when he was a child. He is dealing with the life of “troubled and chaotic” while relying on mysterious power to fight the heroes and fight against the villains. Cao Mei, who was devoted to saving Ah Zhen, started the collapse therapy.

Since its filing, the movie “Daily Fantasy ” has attracted a lot of attention. Especially on short video platforms, movies have frequently been on the top of the hot search, and the super-high number of likes by netizens confirms the strong appeal of the high-quality content of the film to the audience. In the face of the film’s unique comedy temperament, many viewers have expressed “must go see it”, “watch it once and laugh again”, “watch the extravaganza and have already suffered from internal injuries”.


  • Movie: Daily Fantasy
  • Native Title: 日常幻想指南
  • Also Known As: Ri Chang Huan Xiang Zhi Nan
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2021

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