Corona Pandemic: New Annual High in China

In China, the number of Corona infections has risen to a new annual high. Air and train connections have been canceled and mass testing has been carried out. New passports are not being issued.

By Steffen Wurzel, ARD Studio Shangai

Nationwide, authorities confirmed 71 new Corona cases today. In relation to the 1.4 billion people living in China, this is a very small number. But: The outbreak of the past few days is the largest since the beginning of the year and that alone is causing enormous nervousness in China.

In several cities with millions of inhabitants, the entire population is now being tested, for example in Nanjing and Wuhan. The special administrative region of Macau is also being completely tested again. Throughout the country, the authorities are urging people to avoid traveling if possible, and many millions of families are having to throw their summer vacation plans out the window. Air and train connections are being canceled in rows. China’s leadership wants to keep the borders, which are already virtually closed, even tighter. The responsible border authority announced that Chinese citizens will not receive any new passports until further notice. Exceptions will only be made in emergencies.

Control of national borders will not have any concrete effects for the time being. The few Chinese who are currently able to leave the country mostly have passports. But what is decisive is the impression that the communist leadership wants to convey to the population more and more clearly: Ultimately, foreign countries are to blame for the fact that there are new cases of corona in China. Another announcement made today fits into this picture: The intention is to take even stronger action than before against smuggling at the country’s borders. According to the newspaper “Zhongguo Ribao”, the introduction of Covid 19 cases by illegal immigrants is to be prevented.