Cloudy Mountain (2021)

The large rescue “Cloudy Mountain” is scheduled for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 17, injecting a boost from the movie market. Recently, the movie has exposed a “mortal hero” character poster and a set of character stills. On the character poster, “there are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who stand up” sonorously and powerfully express the theme of the movie. In the crisis of life and death, how the four infrastructure construction workers will face natural disasters and carry out desperate rescues is what is expected.

“Cloudy Mountain” revolves around an unprecedented geological disaster. Yuanjiang County suddenly sinks, landslides and mudslides hit one after another. 160,000 people in the county are in danger. At this critical moment, Xiaohong (Zhu Yilong) and the infrastructure people represented by Lao Hong (Huang Zhizhong) and his son stepped forward to launch a thrilling desperate rescue for the city to save people.

In the role posters released this time, the protagonists are in danger, with different looks, and the tension of disaster is blowing. The old railway soldier Hong Yunbing (played by Huang Zhizhong) went deep into the front line of disaster relief, ready to go in the pit of broken tiles, ready to work hard to save people; Ding Yajun (played by Chen Shu), general manager of the engineering department, hugged in the pouring rain. The workers did not waver even if they got wet, and the trust among infrastructure workers was portrayed in detail; also in the rain, radar technician Lu Xiaojin (Jiao Junyan), regardless of her own safety, raced against time to escort the children away from the disaster site.

In order to present the truest disaster relief story, the crew went deep into Asia’s longest cave to film the scene. Due to the steep terrain and traffic congestion, it takes an hour and a half to walk to the shooting site. When encountering narrow places, people need to bend down and crawl through, not to mention the difficulty of trekking through mountains and rivers to transport photographic equipment. This epic of disaster resistance is a step by step for all the staff.

In addition to shooting, the most challenging factor is the free-hand rock climbing show. For nearly a month, Zhu Yilong and Huang Zhizhong need to hang on the cliff to soak in the rain to film. Huang Zhizhong said frankly that “this is the most challenging play since entering the industry.” Chen Shu and Jiao Junyan also overcome great filming difficulties. When Chen Shu went to find Xiaohong for the scene, he needed to hang upside down outside the helicopter in a weather environment with strong wind and rain; while Jiao Junyan was filming the scene of rescuing children trapped in the mountains. , In order to continue the play for several days to maintain a wet state and climb the canyon with a heavy load, “every step I feel like a lead is tied to my foot.” All crew members used actions to break through their physical and mental limits to vividly interpret the ordinary heroes who walked against natural disasters and stood up in times of crisis.

The immersive rescue scenes in the film also remind the audience of real disaster relief events, which resonated strongly. Earthquakes, mudslides, landslides… the scenes of the collapse of the sky and the ground in the county town and the mountains give people a strong sense of disaster immersion. The actors played the role of Chinese infrastructure people who are not afraid of difficulties, gathered from all directions to rescue the disaster, put their lives and deaths out of the way to carry out desperate rescue so that the audience can deeply appreciate the Chinese power of “stubborn hard work, fearless hardships”.



  • Movie: Cloudy Mountain
  • Native Title: 峰爆
  • Also Known As: Infinite Depth, Wu Xian Shen Du, 无限深度
  • Director: Li Jun
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Life, Family
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Sep 17, 2021
  • Duration:
  • Stars: Huang Zhi Zhong, Zhu Yi Long, Jiao Jun Yan

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