City Girl Drinkers (2021) Review


The drama “Drunken City Women” that adapted from the webtoon “Sooldo Girl” by Mi Kkang, directed by Kim Jeong-sik, written by Wi So-young, is a work that tells the story of three women whose belief in life that have a drink after work. It is a drama that provides consolation to melt the tired body and mind through the lives of young 30-year-old women with their minds wandering.

First, Lee Seon-bin takes on the role of ‘Ahn So-hee’, a broadcast writer who neither expresses nor receives affection in the drama and continues her acting career. She showed a ‘girl crush’ through tvN’s ‘Criminal Minds’, JTBC’s ‘Sketch’, and OCN’s ‘Extra Investigation’.

Han Seon-Hwa plays the role of ‘Han Ji-Yeon’, a yoga instructor with a strong personality. She plans to double her vigor in the drama by portraying her sharp-witted character with a slight charm. In addition, Jung Eun-Ji transforms into an origami YouTuber ‘Kang Ji-Gu’ and an egocentric celebrity. To raising expectations for her, she expresses the complex feelings of her character with persuasive acting skills.

Here, Choi Siwon joins the “City Girl Drinkers “, attracting attention as he will show off his perfect “chemistry” with the three main actresses. Choi Si-won will play the role of ‘Kang Buk-gu’, an entertainment producer in the drama, and will unfold various stories with Lee Seon-bin, Han Seon-Hwa, and Jung Eun-Ji. In particular, attention is focused on the sensibility of the character with a unique and pleasant charm and foretelling a new character in life.

In the released video, Lee Seon-bin, Han Seon-Hwa, and Jung Eun-Ji open the door with excitement as they open beer bottle caps without hesitation with a spoon and make foam (a combination of soju and beer) with brilliant hand techniques. Lightly clashing glasses and a high-tension voice resonated all night long, causing laughter, clearing the stomach in the morning.

The three women grabbed their sore stomachs and went to hospitals and oriental medicine clinics, respectively, it was recommended to return, and Choi Si-won’s line “It’s so mean” is the answer to the three women who seem to be the answer to the prescription that they can’t accept make a big joke.

In addition, the days unfolding around the city with an open face, such as running brightly on the streets at night, dancing with a ridiculously dressed-up face, and crawling into a dog house thinking that it is the house. I keep wondering what the identities of these ‘alcohols’ are, and the daily lives of those who drink alcohol.

I look forward to the first meeting with the “City Girl Drinkers” that will cause comical laughter as well as strong sympathy for applause in October.

The production team showed confidence, saying, “We will provide comfort and fun with a setting that resonates with a universal story.” “We cast an actor who fits the character’s charm, so we will present a convincing and immersive drama.”


  • Drama: City Girl Drinkers
  • Native Title: 술꾼도시여자들
  • Also Known As: Oh My Lord! , Oh My Liqueur! , Drunk City Women, O Naui Junim!, 오 나의 주님!, Work Later Drink Now
  • Genres: Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 10
  • Airs: Oct, 2021 – ?
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

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