Cinema Street (2021)

The main poster and main trailer were released while the romance “Cinema Street”, a romance that takes place in Busan, was confirmed to be released on September 16.

“Cinema Street” is a romantic love story between Seonhwa and Doyeong, who met again in Busan as a film location manager and director.

In “Cinema Street”, Lee Wan took on the role of Doyeong, a promising film director who returned to Busan for his next film. After meeting with the ex-lover, who as a movie location manager, Seonhwa, through work, she plans to show various emotions that are harsh, delicate, and soft. In particular, in every case, Doyeong agrees to come to the location suggested by Seonhwa and rejects it. He bluntly tells her that let’s focus on work without any personal feelings. This is also making Seonhwa so exasperated. However, he himself falls into memories with Seonhwa in the past. It will give you excitement and sympathy by acting.

First of all, the main poster of “Cinema Street” creates a lovely atmosphere by adding illustrations depicting the locations manager Seonhwa and film director Doyeong along with the attractions of Busan, Seonhwa, Doyeong, and cute objects in the background. The copy, “Meet, love, break up,… We met again with ‘work’!” raises curiosity about the story and tells the story of the intense romance between Seon-Hwa and Do-Yeong.

Then, the main trailer for “Cinema Street” is released draws attention as it begins with a real situation in which ex-lovers Seonhwa and Doyeong met through work. The awkward situation that led to Doyeong’s next project will work with Seonhwa, who is in charge of finding locations to shoot for the movie, she is embarrassed by this situation. A strange nervous battle brings laughter to the viewers. Then, the happy moments with Seonhwa and Doyeong’s memorable places continue, and it foretells the romance between them that doesn’t seem to be over even though it’s over, arousing sympathy for everyone who has been in a relationship. Not only that but the beautiful spots of Busan are shown through the trailer and the audience is presented with a screen healing journey, raising expectations with a special movie that will heat up the theater this fall.

The fall-in-love romance “Cinema Street” starring Han Sunhwa and Lee Wan, who will bring pleasant laughter to the audience with a realistic sympathetic romance, will be released on September 16th.



  • Movie: Cinema Street
  • Native Title: 영화의거리
  • Also Known As: Street of Cinema, Yeonghwauigeoli
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Release Date: Sep 16, 2021
  • Duration: 1 hr. 17 min.
  • Stars: Han Sunhwa, Lee Wan