China’s army builds bridge on Chinese-Indian border

Satellite photos show that the Chinese army is building a bridge over Pangong Lake on the border with India, according to India’s New Delhi Television (NDTV).

The move is expected to help China quickly deploy troops and heavy weapons to the conflict-stricken area.

According to “India Today,” the bridge is about 18 miles from India’s de facto control line. 

The Times of India reported that, on the first day of the new year 2022, the Chinese and Indian militaries wished each other a happy New Year at 10 locations along the border, including the point of friction between China and India east of Ladakh. The New Year greetings and the exchange of sweets express China and India’s desire to defuse a border standoff that has been going on for nearly 20 months.

In addition to the exchange of candies between the two armies on New Year’s Day, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a video conference with India’s outgoing ambassador in China nearly a month ago, which is expected to help the peaceful development of the two countries.


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