Butcher Hunter (2022)

“Butcher Hunter” is an anti-fraud film, which tells the story of the police’s efforts to crack the “killing” telecom fraud case under various difficulties, and finally reveals the truth under the Shadow. As the first domestic anti-fraud film, the lineup of “Hunting Tu” is very strong. The plot is progressive, tense, and exciting, and the fierce battle scenes are very exciting, making people want to go to the theater to see the whole high-energy moment of the movie right away.


  • Movie: Butcher Hunter
  • Native Title: 猎屠
  • Also Known As: Lie Tu , Lie Tu Xing Dong , 猎屠行动 , 獵屠 , 獵屠行動 , Under the Shadow
  • Director: Guo Xiao Feng
  • Genres: Thriller, Crime
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2022