Black Crow 0 (2021) Review


The “Black Crow” series is set in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, and depicts the appearance of “Black Crow”, who are solvers of underworld troubles. “Black Crow 0” shows the war between Black Crow and White Knight, a solution provider that is expanding its power, and “Black Crow 0” tells the past of Kuroto, the leader of Black Crow. Kuroto is played by Sakiyama and his partner Yuya is played by Keisuke Ueda.

In “Black Crow 3”, Riku Mashiba (Watabe Shu), once known as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the city, comes to the “Black Crow”, a resolution agency that accepts any request as long as it is paid for. Riku has a history of betraying his friends and running away with their money, but he wants to make a name for himself in the city and starts up a new agency called “White Knight”. 2 agencies are asked to search for him, but it is the intention of the leader of the Kanae clan (Shun Sugata) who thinks that the city doesn’t need 2 agencies. The showdown between “Black Crow” and “White Knight” is depicted.

In “Black Crow 0”, the episode before the resolution agency “Black Crow” was established is depicted. This is a prequel to the ‘Black Crow’ series, which is set in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district and depicts the activities of the solvers of various troubles that occur in the underworld. It depicts the hidden past of the protagonist Kuroto (Tsubasa Sakiyama) when he was a police officer. Kuroto is a rookie policeman assigned to a certain town. However, the police have been bought off with money and have become a corrupt organization. Kuroto tries to do his duty with sincerity, but his position in the organization deteriorates, and he is saved by Hyodo, a senior police officer. Hyodo takes Kuroto under his wing as a younger brother, and with the desire to “change this town”, the two work together to make a difference. The two work together to bring order to the city. Meanwhile, a series of robberies occur at the hideout of a criminal gang. Then, a series of robberies occur at the hideouts of criminal gangs. The modus operandi of the robberies becomes increasingly violent. This eventually leads to a murder case.

It is the story of the hero Kuroto, played by Sakiyama, who solves the troubles of the underworld in Shinjuku Kabukicho, where money and desires swirl around him. “Black Crow 1 and 2” were released consecutively in 2019 and took second place in the mini-theatre rankings. The sequel, ‘Black Crow 3’, was a hit.

The sequel ‘Black Crow 3’ will be released on 3 September and will depict the war between resolution agents. “Black Crow 0”, which depicts Kuroto’s past, will be released on the 17th of the same month.
Sakiyama says: “I’m very happy, frankly. Making a film is a big deal in itself, but to be able to make a sequel is something I’m really grateful for. There was a previous film, but I want people to pay attention to the more intense action. At the end of the film, I think it’s a time that will make you think about your own ‘justice’. I hope you will see this film in the theatre”. 

The theme songs of ‘Kurogarasu 3’ and ‘Kurogarasu 0’ are ‘Seisai’ and ‘Shout’ respectively, and you can listen to a part of ‘Seisai’ in the trailer on YouTube. The movie is highly appreciated, the success of the previous parts has left an impression on viewers. Please continue to follow this “Black Crow 0” section to feel how good the Japanese film industry really is.


  • Movie: Black Crow 0
  • Native Title: クロガラス0
  • Also Known As: Kurogarasu 0
  • Director: Toshiya Konan
  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Sep 17, 2021
  • Stars: Sakiyama Tsubasa, Keisuke Ueda