Be Somebody (2021) Review


The suspense comedy movie “Yang Ming Li Wan” is scheduled for national release on November 11. A suspenseful drama with a lot of confusion, a lot of people with their own agendas, and a lot of intertwined cases within a drama is about to start. What’s more surprising is that this is Han Han’s first time as a film producer, but also the director Liu Zhuanzimo’s big-screen debut, the two are working together again, what new sparks will collide is very much anticipated.

The movie tells the story of a group of unmotivated filmmakers who get together to plan a movie about a sensational and shocking case in Shanghai to make a name for themselves, but they don’t realize that the truth behind the case is far more bizarre than their fictional movie plot.

With the phrase “the murderer, also came to the scene”, the picture turns, the danger comes to a head, the panic of the crowd instantly flies away. It is clear that they are not to make a film so simple, the original in order to stimulate the surging creative inspiration, they have been caught with the murderer’s real life in a room, in order to restore the case at the scene of the murder by the murderer himself live.

In the process of tracing the truth, everyone found that the case is “too deep”: no way out of the chamber, the murderer returned, so that the development of more and more bizarre; mysterious black identity mystery, innocent singer girl glimpse, more outsiders are also involved. There is only one truth, who is the murderer, the confusing story becomes more and more bizarre, and the person who made the bureau said “no one is allowed to leave until we make a name for ourselves! Let the people in the bureau be in danger, and fame is also in this movie.

Play within a play, case within a case, a bureau within a bureau, people outside, interlocking, a battle of ambition and conscience intensifies. The trailer, in addition to the suspenseful elements, is accompanied by a large number of intense fights, retro and elegant Republican-style also conceals a murderous opportunity, so that the film suspenseful atmosphere full of pull, full of points to watch.

As a new film director, Liu Zhuanzimo, known to the audience for directing and starring in the phenomenal web series “Report Boss”, whose distinctive comedy style created the benchmark for web comedy and became the youthful memories of a generation. In his screen debut, he is dedicated to polishing and striving to bring the audience a climactic and heart-warming masterpiece.


  • Movie: Be Somebody
  • Native Title: 扬名立万
  • Also Known As: Become Famous, The Birth of a Masterpiece, Yang Ming Li Wan, 一部佳作的诞生
  • Screenwriter & Director: Liu Xunzimo
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Ben Yu, Ke Da
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2021

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