All About My Mother (2021) Review


Directed by Zhao Tianyu, starring Xu Fan, Zhang Jingyi, Xu Yajun, Zhang Xinyi special starring, Wu Yanshu, Li Chengbin, Han Yunyun, and Chen Minghao’s friendly movie “All About My Mother” is officially set for September 19th, the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival!. In the fixed poster, Ji Peizhen (played by Xu Fan) and Li Xiaomei (played by Zhang Jing Yi),  the mother and daughter in a warm embrace, and the warm love was vividly displayed. The fixed-file preview truly shows the complex and profound emotional fetters between the typical “Chinese mother and daughter”, which makes people wonder about the various stories that happened between this pair of mothers and daughters.

In the short 35-second preview, a fierce dispute broke out between mother Ji Peizhen and daughter Li Xiaomei. Li Xiaomei’s angrily yelling “I’m such a child, I can’t compare to what you expect” is even more eloquent, which severely pierced the mother’s “beautiful fantasy” all the time. The mother Ji Peizhen was shocked by her daughter’s uncomfortable with “ruthless words” and collapsed silently. The intense conflict between mother and daughter overflowed with strong emotions. However, behind the heartfelt catharsis, the strong and warm love between mother and daughter is also fully manifested at the end of the trailer. The same tender love is also shown in the fixed posters. Ji Peizhen and her daughter embraced each other intimately, and the warmth of their eyes filled with each other. No matter how many quarrels are experienced, the love and trust between mother and child will never change.

A 15-second clip showing the dispute between mother and daughter has been used as a trailer to meet the audience in the theater. The fierce dispute between the mother and daughter in the trailer also resonated with the audience. Some netizens said: “I can’t wait to see the movie, and I hope it will be released soon.” The typical Chinese-style conflict between mother and daughter generations has allowed many people to see their parent-child relationship: mothers see their children as excellent and perfect, but children see themselves as not worthy of the mother’s “beautiful filter”. The better my mother feels, the more “stressed” she is. While the “contradictions in the same paragraph across the country” shown by Ji Peizhen’s mother and daughter resonated widely, it also made the audience more curious about where the family bond between the mother and daughter will go.

A daughter is in her twenties, carrying so many emotions and feeling suffocated by her mother’s love and care even that she feels the need to leave. This is the story of a mother who always provides, takes care of her family, and cares about all events that will happen when she is about to retire, or in other words, she prepares everything well before she leaves the world because of cancer.

All her life, Li Xiao Mei has wanted to escape the control of her mother Ji Pei Zhen. Li Xiao Mei went to Beijing alone but did nothing for herself. She has an unsatisfactory job and a relationship with no future. She has no dreams and no goals. Compared to her optimistic mother, Li Xiao Mei is the perfect example of a “depressed youth”. When Ji Pei Zhen’s sudden visit interrupts Li Xiao Mei’s routine, she discovers that everything about her mother doesn’t seem to be as simple as it seems on the surface.


  • Drama: All About My Mother
  • Native Title: 关于我妈的一切
  • Also Known As: Guan Yu Wo Ma De Yi Qie
  • Network: MGTV, IQ, Dramanice
  • Director: Zhao Tian Yu
  • Genres: Drama, Family
  • Release Date: Sep 19, 2021
  • Country: China


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