Actor Lee Ha-nui, dancer Honey Jay…Now is the ‘Han’ er

The two halves are gaining popularity. Recently, the house theater is dominated by actor Lee Ha-nui, and the dancer Honey Jay (Jung Ha-nui) is the atmosphere that has captured the public.

Coincidentally, both people named Han-nui are receiving a lot of attention at a similar time. Lee Ha-nui is a one-top heroine in the SBS gilt drama ‘One the Woman’, and Honey Jay is popular as the head of Crew Holly Bang in Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

The programs that each of them appear are regarded as the hottest broadcasts these days. The SBS gilt drama ‘One the Woman’, starring Lee Ha-nui, is showing a desperate move, breaking the ratings of 12.7% (Provided Nielsen Korea) in three episodes. The topic also took second place in the drama part (the fourth week of September, Good Data Corporation), proving high interest. ‘One the Woman’, which was organized following ‘Penthouse 3’, broke the myth that ‘the next place of popular drama is ruined’.

‘Street Woman Fighter’ starring Honey Jay is the most responsive competition program in recent years. For the fifth consecutive week, various indicators such as the first place in the non-drama topic, the first place in the same time zone of all channels including terrestrial broadcasting, and the first place in the topic of the cast are showing the popularity of ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Here, the contents derived from ‘Street Woman Fighter’ continue to rise, and the momentum is on the rise.

In this popular program, Lee Ha-nui and Honey Jay’s presence is very bright.

It is no wonder that Lee Ha-nui is irreplaceable in ‘One the Woman’. ‘One the Woman’ is a story of life change as a chaebol heiress overnight in a corruption test, where Lee Ha-nui is in charge of both corruption test and chaebol heiress. I can guess from the role his presence. It is no exaggeration to say that he leads the play alone.

In particular, there is a favorable response that the two roles of 180 degrees different atmosphere were digested without any awkwardness. Especially, it is a prevailing opinion that it is a comical yet broken person and a person who is despised with persuasive expression. The production team also said, “I am glad that Lee Ha-nui’s comic acting, which has been performed every god, is giving Qatar City and laughter bombing to many people.”

Lee Ha-nui’s role in the field is also big: Actor Song Seung-ha, who is appearing together in “One the Woman,” recently said, “Lee Ha-nui is a necessary atmosphere maker. Everyone is hard to laugh at. Thanks to Lee Ha-nui, the laughter always blooms on the set. “He explained the pleasant atmosphere of the filming scene thanks to Lee Ha-nui.

Honey Jay is also the epic director in “Street Woman Fighter.” In the survival program, the narrative is an indispensable part, and it is a part of why Honey Jay is a popular dancer of ‘Street Woman Fighter’. In fact, when the “Street Woman Fighter” was just starting, the dancer was very unfamiliar.

However, Honey Jay has built up his narrative by revealing his presence with his own story from the first episode. The scene of the battle of impression is a scene in which he met Koka & Butter Lee Haye, who had been in conflict with the team in the past, The two people solved the deep misunderstanding with dance. After the battle, he hugged Lee Haye warmly and left a “Street Woman Fighter” saying, “I always danced the same place looking at the same place, and it was the first time to dance face to face.”

As well as friendship narratives, Honey Jay’s leader narrative is also a part of the interest of viewers. Honey Jay recently led the team in the Mega Crew Mission, where Dainwon had to perform together, and received applause from the judges. Viewers praised Honey Jay for being a true leader who listened to the crew members’ opinions while leading a group of nearly 50 people alone.

Just as Lee Ha-nui and Honey Jay have the same name, both programs also have the same word ‘woman’. Although the name of the program emphasizes ‘woman’, the two are also active in programs that become women like fate.

Lee Ha-nui’s prosecutor’s assistant in ‘One the Woman’ is a person who reveals his desire without filtering while receiving a sponsor on a live line. It is a different result from the female characters that have been passively drawn. Honey Jay is also a dancer who sets strategies to lead to results that are favorable to him. However, when I battle with Monica, I am proud of my dancer as “Look at me, my sisters are fighting.” All of them are proud and honest about their desire for victory and success, and they have expressed sympathy for viewers.

Lee Ha-nui and Honey Jay recently shared their SNS accounts with each other. Lee Ha-nui first followed Honey Jay’s account as the two of the topic came to the fans’ mouth because their names were the same. Honey Jay also followed Lee Ha-nui, and the two became a common name. We also expect that the two leaders, who continue to rise without hesitation, will actually meet in the future and create more synergy.