‘A modernized system of slavery’: Candace Owens’ harsh criticism of the World Economic Forum

The renowned American author Candace Owens declared that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is an instrument used by its director, Klaus Schwab, to establish a modernized system of slavery in the world. 

Owens bases her statements on a book written by Schwab in 2020, according to which COVID-19 “represents an opportunity for them to transform the world, for them to abolish private property,” according to her interview with Tucker Carlson published on Fox News Jan. 21. 

Owens said, “How is he going to be able to pay back their mortgages? They are not going to be able to. They are going to default. People are going to be scooping up their properties that were once owned by people, hard working American, middle class citizens, you know, that were maintaining their lifestyles before the government forced shut this down.”

At this point, Carlson agreed with what she said, after which Owens continued, “Well, you’re looking at a government that wants a system of dependence. To me, I look at the situation and I say what we’re seeing is a modernized system of slavery. This is slavery in 2022 and they are proliferating this under the guise of COVID-19.”

In turn, Carlson questioned the fact that none of the cities had turned away homeless people. 

He added, “Like that is, I think, the way that all civilizations have always reacted to threats like this, like drug addiction and vagrancy. Why does nobody do that now?”

To which Owens retorted that “federal overreach” was being presented, and that state governments had become the sole guardians of these rights. 

“Thank God for governors that are standing up and saying absolutely not, no matter how hard the Biden administration tries to overreach,” Owens said. 

She said that the system of making citizens dependent is spreading globally. “They are now making that system for everybody. They want every single American dependent on the government, for food, for family, for drugs, whatever it is, they want a system of slavery and I cannot say this enough. People look it up. You have to look up. They want a global technocracy.”

On the other hand, the World Economic Forum is promoting a global project called “The Great Reset,” which has aroused much criticism because of its stated objective. It proposes, “in 2030, you will own nothing, but you will be happy.”

In this regard, the presenter of Australia’s Sky News, Cory Bernardi, referred to that controversial project in the Feb. 26 broadcast, saying, “The WEF is the architect of the Great Reset, and the fourth Industrial Revolution. They coined the “build back better” hashtag, that is actually proving so popular with big government elites right across the globe,” Bernardi said. 

He added, “Under the WEF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you’ll be renting. And trust me on this, it’s not gonna be a philanthropic enterprise.”

The Davos Forum is a meeting sponsored by the World Economic Forum in which politicians, businessmen, and representatives of international social and cultural organizations discuss their proposals under the slogan: The Great Reset.


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