7 best cookies in Singapore by local bakers to try this weekend

It’s bold to claim that any one baker can come close to making the best cookies in Singapore, so we’ve done the duty to list seven.

Cookies themselves are a divisive baked treat, with everyone’s Platonic ideal being different. Even something as universally loved as a chocolate chip cookie can spur intense arguments based off of preference. Do nuts have a place? Chips versus chunks? How much chocolate is too much? And above all: chewy or crunchy?

Everyone is going to rally behind a different option in this Build-A-Cookie fantasy, but one thing is unanimous, and that is cookies make the world go round, and thankfully, there are bakers in Singapore keeping that truth alive.

From traditional to sandwiches to stuffed, these bakers are pushing out baked bites that all equally earn their right to being the best cookies in Singapore. Most of them are also small online businesses that offer deliveries to your doorstep should you or your loved ones need a weekday perk-me-up.

Hero and featured image: Of Feast & Field


With a name like Guilt, you can only expect this local cookie baker to have a menu that would make your calorie counter cry. Sinful from the start, with offerings like Tinder Date and Sugar Daddy revealing the likes of chocolate chip cookies stuffed with a whole brownie, and a whiskey-spliced spice cookie, Guilt pretty much had us drooling from start to end just looking through their feed. Cookies are available individually or to pick and mix to your content, with the brand also curating some boxes with their bestsellers if you’re lost for choice.

Guilt has gluten-free and vegan options too, as well as seasonal flavours available in tandem with public holidays and the like, so keep an eye out for those.

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Inspired by jumbo, New York-style gourmet cookies, Nasty Cookie is a fever dream for sugar fiends. Flavours go from classic chocolate chip to franken-creations like the Red Velvet Crumble, which includes a cream cheese stuffing and Choco Bueno, a kinder-bueno dark chocolate chip cookie, and even a riff on the famous Biscoff biscuit. Seasonal flavours pop up from time to time, and are wiped out as fast as their runs on the menu.

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People who love crunchy cookies can feel validated as Spatula & Whisk is all about that. Sold in bags of 100 or 200 grams, flavours go from sea salt chocolate to locally-inspired gula melaka coconut and kopi chocolate. Being bite-sized also means these cookies are inherently dangerous, as you could easily polish off a bag yourself in a sitting. We’ve been there.

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Folks and Stories is not a cookie-only bakery, but they do have a healthy selection of the category available on their website. Sold in boxes or singles, every cookie flavour is inspired by a personality. Curious Merrymaker, for instance, is a dark chocolate cookie with a cheesy twist, while Care Bear is a soft stuffed cookie filled with strawberry cheesecake. The site also makes custom cookies for special occasions, so if you’re currently looking to send hampers or small gifts to keep loved ones or colleagues motivated, Folks and Stories has a unique way to express those sentiments.

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Homegrown chocolatier and bakers Chocolate Anatomy offer cookies amongst its healthy selection of desserts, and surprisingly, not all include chocolate in the mix. Their brownie cookies (or brookies), are bestsellers, but flavours like earl grey and snickerdoodles are a breath of sweet, fresh air to the mixed bag you’ll eventually be picking. Chocolate Anatomy also has omakase boxes if you want someone to make the tough choices for you.

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They say thick thighs save lives and we’re going to chase that line down with the fact that thick cookies (a.k.a thickies) do too. Flourworks makes these generous thickies to sell at its regular bake sales on Instagram, sharing space with the likes of brookies, peanut butter macadamia cookies and many other palm-sized delights. Flourworks is a one-person baking show, so their sale windows open less regularly than most other bakeries, but the best things are worth waiting for.

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Local Instagram-famous baker, Of Feast and Field, is all about simple, elegant classics. Their cookie offerings are delightfully lean, with the focus being on high-quality ingredients. For instance, their Levain-style chocolate chip cookies are enhanced with three different types of chocolate at different intensities, mellowed by Madagascan bourbon vanilla bean in the dough.

You cannot place orders via a website. Instead, look out for their bake sale dates broadcasted on Instagram and their Telegram channel.

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