5 places for good vegetarian and vegan sushi in Bangkok

In celebration of the ongoing Vegetarian or Jay Festival 2021, here are five spots in Bangkok where you can find the best vegetarian and vegan sushi. 

Sushi, more commonly, is a seafood dish. When you think sushi, you think raw seafood. In fact, years ago, we probably wouldn’t have imagined sushi being vegetarian, and certainly not vegan. However, with the growing plant-based scene in Thailand and beyond, countless traditional meat-based dishes are now also vegan, and sushi is one of them. Whilst vegetarian sushi is not uncommon in Japan, dishes with an added vegan twist are more of a contemporary concept, and we love it. 

Consequently, whether you’re jay only for this short period during the Vegetarian Festival 2021, or you’re a full-time vegetarian/vegan with a fondness for sushi, check out these six dining outlets in Bangkok that offer vegan and vegetarian sushi. We love the way they roll (pun intended), and we think you will, too. 

[Hero and featured image credit: Waki Waki]


When you think of good vegan food in Bangkok, Vistro always tops the list. The flavour-forward and globally-inspired vegan bistro never seizes to impress with their varied selection. From plant-based dumplings and samosas, to burrito bowls and street noodles – their vegan options are endless. If you’re one for sushi rolls, opt for the ‘Vistro Sushi,’ a vegan version of the widely-loved rolls. They also have other Japanese dishes such as the ‘Vagyu Sando’ and ‘Katsu Curry.’

[Image credit: Vistro] 

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One thing is for sure: you won’t run out of vegan sushi options at this newly-opened plant-based sushi bar. Although their menu is not exactly vegan but rather vegetarian, diners can request for every dish to be made vegan. Waki Waki will add a vegan twist to their impressive array of veggie sushi with their vegan mayo and vegan cream cheese especially. If sushi rolls aren’t really your thing, fret not, they’ve got all kinds of plant-based Japanese dishes diners can choose from.

[Image credit: Waki Waki]

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Known and loved for their rolls, Masu Maki serves mouthwatering non-vegetarian and vegetarian sushi. They’ve got a whole ‘Veggie Maki’ menu dedicated to vegetarian sushi. Having personally tried (and loved) it, we recommend their ‘Avocado Tempura Maki’ in particular. Other options include ‘Sweet Potato Maki,’ ‘Dragon Fly Veggie Maki,’ and ‘Masu S.P.I.C.Y Veggie Maki.’ 

[Image credit: Masu Maki] 

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A renowned upscale Japanese izakaya in the city, Zuma Bangkok is located within The St.Regis Bangkok. The five-star hotel’s Japanese dining spot offers several vegetarian options including their meat-free sushi made with avocado, shiso, red onions, and carrot maki, and their refreshing avocado salad encompassing tenkatsu and spicy lemon dressing. The stylish wooden interior and outdoor courtyard are very beloved with Bangkok’s Who’s Who, and makes for a fun night out.

[Image credit: Zuma Bangkok] 


The St.Regis Bangkok

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A popular Japanese dining spot in Bangkok, ISAO’s vegetarian menu featuring seven maki dishes and one roll is a must-try. Avocado, mushroom, spinach, and cream cheese are some of the vegetarian ingredients used in their sushi, and our highly recommended dishes include the ‘El Vegano Roll,’ ‘Veggie Maki,’ and ‘Avocado Maki.’

[Image credit: ISAO] 

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